11 reasons why Irish chippers beat British ones every time.

11. If it’s Irish it’s the Chipper, not the Chippy or the Chip Shop.

10. Irish fish and chips are cooked in vegetable oil.

It’s a tradition dating back to the Italian immigrants who brought the concept over and makes for a tastier dinner.

9. Irish Curry Sauce is 10 times better…

8. You won’t find any mushy peas in an Irish Chipper

That’s more of an English thing and just gets in the way of the main event.

7. But you might get skins on your chips in Ireland

Some chippers swear by it. Others not so much. When it happens it’s a rare treat though.

Murphy's Chipper Cork Murphy's Chipper Cork

6. Spice Burgers will definitely be an option too

Just a spicy, deep fried, slab of goodness served in a bun. A great alternative to the standard battered cod.

5. And let’s not forget the Wurly Burger…

Ireland’s battered beef burger classic. A rare marvel that English chippers just can’t replicate.

4. They don’t deep-fry Mars bars here…

If you want random things battered, go to Scotland. It’s just not an Irish thing.

3. …but they do do Taco Fries

The description of chilli on chips only tells half the story. The perfect post-pub snack.

2. Salt and vinegar isn’t an option, it’s a requirement.

Get the good stuff on now, while it’s hot.

1. And bigger portions, of course

Because us Irish are a generous bunch! Dig in!